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Key West Family Coupon Book
KEYSvoice: By the People for the People

Logo, Key West Family Coupon Book Blue Planet Offices, Inc., a Florida corporation, located in Key West, FL produced the first two coupon books in 2009. The top right photo shows a box full of completed coupon books ready to be stuffed into the plastic door knob bags. The plastic bags protect the books from the elements until the home owner takes it inside.

Book of 2009 Coupon Books Dan F. Schramm, the CEO of Blue Planet is shown below with one of our two digital duplicators. One of the color drums is shown on top of the machine. These are Risograph FR2950 duplicators which are not quite printing presses and are not photocopy machines. They look like photocopy machines and have a scanner bed on top like a copy machine. Unlike a copy machine or laser printer, they do not use toner or fuse the toner with heat. They actually print with real ink, a soy based environmentally friendly ink.

They can also print in multiple colors, although only one color at a time. They have drums that hold a master which is cut by a laser after the original is scanned. The drum holds a tube of ink in the center. A separate drum and ink tube is needed for each color to be printed. These machines print a maximum of 8.5x14 inches. We plan to purchase a machine that will print 11x17 inches and already have obtained a number of different color drums for that machine.

Blue Planet prints all the coupon books itself. The 2009 book was cut into signatures, collated and center stapled. They were actual bound booklets. This was all done by hand and proved to be extremely time consuming, which means expensive. This is one reason we have not done a coupon book for five years.

We also have our own reasons for doing the coupon book again. We are using it to promote our new free telephone directory ( and our community forum at These forums also provide our advertisers increased methods of promotion while providing important community services.

We have also made the production much simplier. The book is not exactly an actual book but we are not changing the name. It will be 8.5x14" sheet folded in half and then folded in half again. Each sheet holds 4 full page ads. There is likely to be multiple sheets and we have a lot of flexibility which we did not have with the original book.

Making the production simplier allows us to lower the cost, while increasing the ad page size and also increasing the circulation.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will sign up for the directory and the coupon book.

Dan Schramm with Risograph FR2950

Dan F. Schramm, Blue Planet CEO with a Risograph FR2950 Duplicator.

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