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Key West Family Coupon Book
Holiday Coupon Book Distribution Fall (Oct./Nov.) 2015
New Format and Bigger Ad Sizes with Reduced Pricing.
We are BACK. Produced and Distributed Twice in 2009, our Book
Returns with Lower Advertising Rates, Bigger Pages and Increased Distribution!

NOTE: Additional important information not included in the printed flyer is below.

A new way to directly reach the family in Key West. Key West's only coupon book for residents of Key West distributed door-to-door. The Key West Family Coupon Book is the only advertising medium distributed directly to single family homes and small apartment buildings. The book is much more cost effective than other types of printed advertising.

In any economic situation you can't stop advertising and promoting your business. In today's economic climate you need to promote even more but it needs to be done smarter and in new ways. The Key West Family Coupon Book gets your ad right into the hands of the potential customer and the coupon format gives you immediate feedback so you know if the book is working for you and if your advertising approach is effective. The book is produced in-house and distributed by Blue Planet Offices, Inc., a local company.

With the Key West Family Coupon Book your ad is delivered right to the door of the potential customer. The coupon book is printed on good quality 20 lb. offset paper, not cheap newsprint. Customers are likely to keep the booklet and clip the coupons from it as they need to. Your ad and coupon can be included for as little as $68.00. You get an advertisement on the reverse side of the coupon. Compare this to the cost of just one display ad in a newspaper of the same size as the ads offered in the Family Coupon Book.

Directly Reach Over 18,000+ People

Distribution is 6,000 copies. With over 3 people per household in Key West, more than 18,000+ people will see the coupon book. Distribution covers Key West, Stock Island and Key Haven. The coupon books are distributed door-to-door in plastic bags with doorknob holes. Doorknob bags are placed on front door or fence gate.

The coupon book will be printed in black ink. Your business can also have your own flyer, postcard or business card (produced at your expense) inserted into the bags for an average of $250. Please contact us or visit KeysVoice.com/coupon for more detailed information.

Unlike a newspaper ad that will drive business for a day or two, generally overwhelming any local business, the Community Coupon Book will be distributed over a 40 day period.

Full Page With Both Sides Only $136.00

The advertiser receives both sides of the page or other ad size. Advertising copy is printed on one side and the coupon is printed on the reverse. Full page 4.25" x 7" is $136.00. One Half page 4.25" x 3.5" is $68.00. The back cover is available for $180.00 full page. (Allow 1/8" border for all ads.) Distribution will include 5,000 copies to single family homes and small or accessible apartment buildings to New Town, Mid-Town and Old Town Key West. 500 copies will be distributed in Key Haven and 500 copies on Stock Island. The book is not distributed to Truman Annex, large apartment buildings or public housing due to anti-solicitation rules and other legal issues. Distribution Approx. Oct. 10 to Nov. 20.

Insertion Deadline Oct. 1, 2015.

Call for a Personal Representative to Visit 305-394-3439

Coupon Book Details

Please call for an appointment to place your order. You may also complete the insertion order and mail it in with a check or credit card payment, or fax it to us with your credit card information. To view and print the insertion order in PDF form,
please CLICK HERE.

OnLine Version and Additional Promotion

One of the reasons for KeysVoice.com is to promote the completed coupon book. Undoubtedly people will hear about the book who will not receive a physical copy, such as in areas we are not allowed to distribute in, i.e. Truman Annex, condo complexes and gated communities.

Thus, there will be an online version of the book. Each advertiser will have an online PDF copy of their ad and coupons. This will conveniently print out on a standard sheet of 8.5x11" paper. Advertisers should expect to see copies of their ads and coupons printed out on a sheet of paper.

We would recommend that advertisers should have a method of logging virtual coupons and train employees to accept virtual coupons that are displayed on a customer's mobile device. Most people with mobile devices do not have the ability to print onto paper. We will have a form online before book distribution so you can let us know if you will accept virtual coupons. You can also just send us an email. This information will be added to the online page containing your ad/coupon.

The coupon book will additionally be promoted in other media to let people know they can get the book (and discounts) online if they did not get the printed coupon book. One method will be The Blue Paper kiosks along Duval Street and the online paper. Other methods will also be used, to be determined in the future, based upon ad sales in the coupon books. We may also do an ad in the Key West Citizen if they let us. We may also do a small flyer and place it on cars in major shopping centers on various days announcing the book's availability online.


Advertising space is based upon camera ready copy. If you don't want to do the typesetting, we can do it for you. We did all the ads in our two coupon books in 2009. The cost of producing your ad is only $20.00 for both sides. One side is your general advertising and the coupons are on the reverse.

A Note for Previous Advertisers

First, thank you for supporting our two earlier books. We have made changes to make this edition much more successful. The advertising flyer is going to many more businesses than did the originals. We have increased the size of the space, lowered the price plus increased the distribution.

We hope to have many more advertisers this time around. The original books were actual books. The signatures were cut and folded, collated and center stapled. This was all done by hand and proved to be a very time consuming process. Then all the books had to be inserted by hand into the plastic bags and distributed door to door. This time the book will be 8.5x14" sheets folded in half and then folded in half again. Thus there are only 4 full pages on each sheet.

Coupon Expiration

Distribution will take until November 20th, so we would recommend a future expiration date of at least January 1, 2016. (We could go past that date due to weather, illness or other events beyond our control.) You could advertise New Year's dinners, parties and other events, Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day sales.

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